Our bookings are on a first-cum-first-serve basis. Booking is considered confirmed only once 30% of       the booking amount is paid and this advance amount is non-refundable.

· Payment structure-30% at the time of booking,50% on the event date and rest 20% when deliverables are delivered.

· We do not book or provide a location for the pre-wedding shoot. It is purely a client’s choice. Although we   do recommend a few places or locations that we know. We prefer not to shoot at public places for many   reasons. However, the client’s input is always welcome and appreciated.

· We do not allow any photographer or cinematographer either professional or hobbyist apart from our   team to shoot the wedding. In case there is, we can’t guarantee a satisfactory output. We need full   freedom for our creativity and work.

· We spend our energy on the shoot and therefore we expect you to take care of our meals.

· For any wedding assignment happening outside Patna, traveling, food, lodging is to be arranged by the     client.

· We do not cover food(people having their food). You would obviously not like having cameras on you face   while you are enjoying the food.

· Our work is an art, therefore to prevent it from misuse. We always put a watermark, we suggest you use   our watermarked images while sharing on social media and not crop the watermark.

· We demand a certain period of time to work on the images. If you force us to give you the images before   that time frame, it leads us to not being able to work on the images properly.

· Your last-minute additional requirements will cost you extra.